If you ask around, almost all people will always correlate collagen with beautiful skin or that of beauty products, which can be correct but not in its entirety. Yes. Collagen is more than that. Aside from making our skin supple and beautiful, collage also helps us to have stronger bones and joints, healthier gut, liver, and heart, and nice-looking hair and nails. It can also be useful in weight management.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, but through aging, exposure to ultraviolet rays, excessive sugar levels, and other factors, collagen levels in the body can be diminished. With the many benefits of collagen, taking collagen supplements has been trending for years now. But if you want more natural means of boosting collagen, here’s how.

Include Vit. C- Rich Food in Your Diet


Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body and is found to boost collagen production. The crucial role of Vitamin C is that it activates the hyaluronic acid in our body. This means that more collagen will be produced. By eating foods such as broccoli, red pepper, orange, and other plant products that are rich in Vitamin C, you may be able to counter the loss of collagen because of aging, ultraviolet rays, and sweets.

Look for Collagen-Rich Recipes

Collagen can be found in animal bone fats, tendons, and ligaments. Indeed, having a bone broth will not only give you lots of collagen, but it will surely be an enjoyable meal. You can even make this Instant Pot recipe more delectable by partnering it with your favorite cereal. There are other easy-to-cook recipes that are rich in collagen, which you can try cooking at home.

Plant Aloe Vera in Your Garden

Aloe vera is a succulent desert plant that is easy to grow. You can plant it in your garden or have it in a pot. Aloe vera has been used in treating wounds and burns because it can increase collagen production, which can enhance healing. Nowadays, aloe vera is not only used topically but can be ingested as well through aloe vera supplements. Having aloe vera in your garden will allow you use it on your skin everyday.

TeaDrink Ginseng Tea Regularly

Ginseng has been known for its anti-aging properties. This may have something to do with its ability to enhance collagen production. Ginseng can also help the skin against UV damage. By making it a habit to drink ginseng tea regularly, a beautiful and glowing skin surely awaits you.